R&D Team
Team Leader
Qian Yu
PhD of Applied Physics Major, University of Paris VI
After returning to China, he has been involved in the research of underwater service robots, applied for a number of related product patents, and has strong research and development experience in underwater robots.

R&D strength
R & D team
The R&D team consists of 12 highly experienced R&D personnel.1 person has a doctorate degree, 6 persons have a master degree.Condensed a professional team with rich theoretical and practical experience in various fields such as mechanical design, electrical design, and software design.

Patent Certification & Award
Applied for 87 domestic and foreign patents, and has obtained 18 domestic and international patents.
Registered 13 domestic and foreign trademarks and 26 international certifications
Honorary Award
Listed in 3 national science and technology projects
Listed in 6 key industrialization projects in Tianjin
Won the National and Tianjin Excellent Patent Award

Patent & Certification Photos